ZMX FinX23 FR05-2.6K "IJN Umikaze"

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Designed based on the most popular ZMX V3 2206-2600KV motor, ZMX FinX23 (Pronounced as /:phoenix/) is truely a reborn. With design goal to keep the torque and power of the all-time-popular ZMX V3, we strive for the lightest package possible. At just over 23g dry weight, ZMX FinX23 gives you the lightest build possible without compromising on torque and speed.

Recommended Props:

  • DALProp T5051C "Cyclone"
  • DALProp T5044 "Trapezoid" 
  • HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S
  • HQ 5x4x3
  • DALProp T5040 V2
  • HQ 5x4x4
  • DALProp Q5040

Recommended AUW: Frigate Class (FR) sub 250g dry weight

**Please use 4 screws to mount the motors


  • Stator diameter: 22mm
  • Stator height: 5.5mm
  • Magnet: N52SH
  • Patented String Theory (TM) Flux ring-All Rights Reserved
  • Windings: 9+9 turns Delta-True KV = 2610KV
  • Silicone wire: 20cm 20AWG 
  • 7075-T7 Aluminum construction
  • Weight: 23.2g (with short wire)

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