ZMX FinX40 DD07-2.6K "VMF Tashkent"

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ZMX FinX40 DD07-2.6K "VMF Tashkent" 2610KV FPV Racing Motor

It's a new rule, it's never been done before. Some said the Russians are crazy, some said it's just because right before WW2, Destroyer engines are a rarity so the Italians build it with a cruiser engine. Anyhow, the VMF Tashkent was born, not with 65000hp but with a 105000hp cruiser engine and the ship is at the size of a light cruiser, 3000 tons compared to USS Fletcher 2000 tons. With top speed of 43.5kts, it is one of the fastest destroyers during WW2 era. FinX40 was modeled right after the VMF Tashkent so we decided to call it Tashkent build. It's a racer with a cruiser motor. WHY? Because we can!

Recommended Props:

  • DALProp T5050C "Cyclone 
  • Gemfan GF5152 "Flash"
  • Emax Avan

Recommended AUW: Light cruiser Class (CL) sub 380g dry weight, 4 to 6S.Please add a big Low ESR capacitor (1500uF) on the input line to prevent brownout

*Please use 4 screws to mount the motor


  • Stator diameter: 26mm
  • Stator height: 7.5mm
  • Magnet: N52SH
  • Patented String Theory (TM) Flux ring-All Rights Reserved
  • Windings: 5+6 turns Delta-True KV = 2610KV
  • Silicone wire: 20cm 20AWG 
  • 7075-T7 Aluminum construction
  • Bearings: 4x9x4 NMB
  • Weight: 40.5g (with short wire)

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