AstroX - NEW TrueXS Switch - 5" FPV Racing Frame

  • $94.99

*** Choose Stretch, Exact, or Freestyle X ***

AstroX New Black Carbon [Tight Fit Screws Hole] 

(Silky Coated/Round edge for arms/Chamfer edge added/Couter sunk for flat screws)

Share platform - All parts can share with Exact X, Stretched X and Freestyle verion.(Only different bottom plate and X-reinforce plate)

Full 3K AstroX Quality trust Carbon Fiber 

Rigid 2.5mm bottom and 2mm top plate and 4mm removable arms

2mm C-reinforce Carbon plate for top plate and Camera

2mm X-reinforce Carbon plate and 8pcs of new Alu6061 insert nut make more durable and quick swapping of arms.

2mm Side plate for next generation Cameras (fit for RunCam mini and Micro Swift) - quick swapping of cameras.

2mm top plate have normal camera mount screws hole (ex:HS1177,1185,Runcam Swift and etc)

Black Nickel plating 12.9 grade carbon steel flat type screws

Impoved(Durable) new Easy grip and light weight hollow stand-off (Hard anodized : Astro blue color)

AstroX PB type 3-5s PDB and 2 Capacitors include

New Alu6061 Standoffs and nylon hardware for FC and PDB

Extra Carbon fiber plate for Reciever and VTX

Easy Lipo Access (suggested Lipo is a 1300mah - 1800mah 4s)

Support to carry HD camera (such as the GoPro 4, GoPro Session)


Carbon Parts (Silky Coated / tight fit screws hole)

4 x 4mm arms (round edge)

1 x 2.5mm Base Plate (chamferd edge / Counter sink screw hole)

1 x 2mm C-reinforce plate (chamferd edge / Counter sink screw hole)

1 x 2mm X-Reinforce brass plate (chamferd edge)

2 x 2mm Side plate for camera

1 x 1.5mm RX-VTX mount plate


Metal Parts

4 x 35mm Alu6061 new Standoff

8 x Alu6061 Standoff for PDB and FC

1 x Set Alu6061 insert nut for X-reinforce plate

1 x Set of Screws (12.9 Carbon Steel Flat Type)

AstroX PB type 3-5s + 2 Capacitors (5V and 12V BEC)
1 x Yellow XT-60 for Direct Solder
1 x set of 12AWG power cable(red, black) with Black XT-60
2 x AstroX 235mm Coated Lipo Strap
1 x Lipo Pad
1 x TrueXS Stickers

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