Emax F4 Magnum All-in-one Stack

  • $110.00

  • EMAX “F4 Magnum” All in One FPV Electronics Stack

    Building a high performance FPV quadcopter for racing or freestyle has never been easier.

    This tightly integrated systems packs the FC, ESC, RX, VTX, PDB, CURRENT SENSOR and OSD into neatly stacked boards that can be easily serviced or upgraded. The pinned board interconnects offer a clean wire free look and the compact stack can fit even the tightest builds with easy.

    We have carefully combined some of the best FVP technology in our arsenal into a tightly pre-assembled package that offers the fastest way go from starting a new build to FPV Flight!
  • 6 in 1 Main Board - F4 FC + Betaflight OSD + LC Filter + 5v Regulator + Blackbox + Buzzer  
    The heart of the flight control systems is a powerful STM32F405 MCU and MPU6000 gyro flashed with Betaflight for proven rocksteady flight stability. The integrated LC filter with 5v/3A voltage regulator means clean power for all the FC/OSD components and other attached boards such as VTX, RX and FPV Camera. Betaflight OSD with easily customizable layout of vital flight information and ability to change FC flight parameters. Blackbox flight log recorder with 16mb flash memory. On board buzzer for battery level warning or lost model finder functions.
  • 48 Chanel 5.8ghz Switchable Power VTX Board
    VTX allows for easy change of VTX channel/band via push button.  Also transmit power is switchable from 25mw to 200mw. Included is a lightweight 5.8ghz dipole whip antenna or 80mm extension cable with SMA connecter for use with your own antenna.
  • Frsky XM+ 16ch Sbus Micro RX Board
    Genuine FrSky XM+ receiver is included with 16 channels with RSSI. It possible to connect other brands of Serial or PPM via the dedicated RX pads.
  • Bullet 30A - 4 in 1 ESC + Current Sensor Board
    The ESC system is comprised of 4 x 30A continuous Bullet ESC’s using top quality MOSFETs and running BLHeli_S firmware. Your choice of protocol: DSHOT, Multishot, Oneshot 125. The onboard current sensor monitors mAh consumed and pass the information to OSD for an accurate way to monitor battery level and peak power consumption.
  • EMAX F4 Magnum AIO FPV Stack
  • 6 in 1 Main Board
    Flight controller (OMNIBUSF4 Firmware)

    STM32F405 MCU
    MPU6000 accelerometer/gyro (connected via SPI)
    On-board Betaflight OSD 
    On-board Buzzer 
    Integrated 5V/3A BEC
    Integrated LC Filter 
    Dedicated PPM/ Sbus receiver input
    On-board high-capacity 16mb black box flight log recorder
    3 UART pads
    Addressable LED pad
  • VTX Board
    Frequency band:5362-5945MHz

    Channels: 48 (band/channel chart can be found in Manual) 
    Transmit power:Switchable 25/200mw
    Supply voltage:4.5V-5.5V
    Antenna port :50Ω ipx ufl connector
    Antenna: 1pc lightweight 5.8g dipole 100mm whip
                   1pc SMA extension 80mm length
  • 4 in 1 ESC and Current Sensor Board
    Continuous current 30A and 40A burst per motor

    Supply voltage 2-4S Lipo
    Silabs EFM8BB21F16G 50mhz MCU 
    BLHeli_S firmware
    Top quality MOSFET
    3oz high TG PCB board
    On-board current sensor
  • Receiver Board
    Genuine FrSky XM+ receiver

    D16 Mode
    16 channel SBUS
    RSSI on Channel 15
  • Accessories:
    1 x B-017 XT60 female connector

    1 x Hot-shrinkable tube Φ4.5*0.2*L20mm red
    1 x Hot-shrinkable tube Φ4.5*0.2*L20mm black
    1 x Silicon wire 14AWG L=80mm red 
    1 x Silicon wire 14AWG L=80mm black
    1 x Antenna adapter with SMA female connector L=80mm
    1 x 5.8G Dipole Whip antenna L=100mm
    1 x Plug with wire for LED_Strip
    Standoff kit including nylon spacers, nylon screws, posts and nuts

  • Net weight: 23g

  • Size: 36mmx36mm

  • Height: The total height of whole F4 Magnum tower system with standoff kit installed is about 24mm to 25mm.

  • The Instruction Manual for FrSky XM+ receiver included in package box.


F4 Magnum Manual ‐ V1.0   https://www.emaxmodel.com/download/f4-magnum-manual.pdf

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