• $41.99

*9 Full Throttle Flavors!*

220 grams

LWH 74mm35mm43mm


Rebel MiniQuads is at it again with our quality products and witty marketing.

This time we have something Freshly Squeeze and Pasterized for Rebelion. Need more C? Don’t worry, Rebel has you covered!

Do you want the crispest and freshest packs to hit the market yet? Buy Rebel High-C and have the confindence you need to shine at the track, pull out of dives,  and have conistent power delivery. No mater what or how you fly, Rebel has a flavor for you!!!

That’s right! You can get Rebel High-c in 9 Full Throttle Flavors!

Every battery has been  specially formulated to give a pilot 100% their daily value of High-C per serving! With even more energy and power density Rebel has produced our most powerful battery yet!


Fly with the full throttle confidence of Rebel High-C!

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