BBB 3B-R Racing Motor 2207 KV2650

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Features of Design:

1. 3B-R Full racing motor, It is equipped with KAWASAKI stator for better reducing iron loss and heat. For bearing, we adopt NSK/NMB from Japan, it carries prolonged life cycle and less friction.

2. We improved the response speed of 3B-R 2207 & ensured equally motor pushing force and efficiency at the same time. You’ll feel better and faster experience during flying drones with our updated motor. Of course, please use equivalent ESC with better driving force and overflowing ,do not match the motor 3B-R 2207 with basic/beginner level/inferior brand ESC .

3. The brand new appearance and structure and new aluminum material for the motor main body largely decreased the weight of motor, new N.W. :30.5g. Less weight of motor brings more pushing force and drive the drone move forward.

4. On the assembly of motor shaft, we disposed set screw lock structure for less vibration. Besides, we initiative adopt the technology of main axis throughout the screw thread shaft sleeve, which largely increased the contact area between steel axis and top cover screw thread shaft sleeve and ensured the concentricity of rotator, enriched the strength of paddle and propeller shaft, and the motor is more strong against punching. The larger contact area of the axis perfectly solved the antiskid issue without set screw。

5. We’ve conducted plenty of Bionic Imitation Experiments for the motors, trying our best to increase the pressure difference of the back cover after motor rotation, make our motor increase the air floating speed via itself while working, this can low down the heating of the motor and improve the efficiency. If appropriate monitoring ESC system was equipped to use with our motor, it can do more to decrease motor heating, saving energy and efficiency.



KV: 2650KV
No.of Cells(Lipo): 2-4S
Configuration: 12N14P
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Stator Length: 7mm
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Motor Dimension (Dia.*Len): Φ27.9×31.1mm
Weight(g): 30.5g(Excluding Cable)
Recommend Propeller: 5″
Recommend ESC: 30-50A

Package Include:

3B-R Motor 1PCS
Aluminium nut 2PCS
Round head hex socket screws M3*6 8PCS

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