Shendrones Gordo Frame

  • $65.00

Gordo is a 255mm stretch X frame for 5/5.5/6" props. Gordo can be a top mount racer or a bottom mount chaser with the optional HD cam mounts.

Arms are 6mm thick and taper from 12 to 8mm wide. Body plates are 2mm, top plate is 1.5mm. Stack height is 20mm, pods are 15mm tall so you can source shorter standoffs if you can build lower. CG is right on the prop line with a 1300 4s and 20mm standoffs.

FPV cam tilt range is 30-60, for micro cams with either 2.1 or 2.3 lenses. Tail pod options are either SMA or Ufl-axii, the SMA option is recommended for racers for quick RH/LH antenna swaps.

Motor softmounts/armguards are included in the kit.

Frame weight with armguards is 123g.

Read more about it here.

Print your own parts here.

This is one of BelieveCam's favorite frames for high speed chasing and has been used in excess of 100mph! Truly a great workhorse! 

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