XRotor 4in1 ESC for FPV Racing - Nano 40A BLHeli32 DShot1200 (3-6S)

XRotor 4in1 ESC for FPV Racing - Nano 40A BLHeli32 DShot1200 (3-6S)

  • $44.99


Cont./Peak Cur 40Ax4/ 60Ax4

 Input Voltage: 3-6S Lipo

Highly Integrated

With a similar size of a FC, the 4IN1 ESC includes 4 high performance 60A BLHeli_32 DShot1200 ESCs, a 5V BEC which can provide power for devices (i.e. FC), and a voltmeter which allows FC to monitor the amp & volt in real time.

Two ways for connecting the ESC to a FC: 1) connecting via soft cables, 2)
soldering via solder tabs are provided for selection. And the shock-absorbing design of mounting holes effectively reduces the external vibration’s impact on high-sensitivity components and provides great shock-absorbing protection to  upper devices (i.e. FC). This ESC is designed for FPV racing.

High Quality Hardware

Large-size MOSFETs imported from Japan make the 4IN1 ESC have greater voltage/current endurance than the last generation (at high voltages). The use of high performance 32-bit microprocessors with operating frequency of up to 48MHz, 3-in-1 drive ICs, imported high quality ceramic capacitors, 3-ounce copper, 6 layers of PCBs guarantees less heat, higher efficiency and rapider response.



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